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Science Communication. How to engage nowadays

It is with great pleasure that the University of Zurich (UZH), the ETH Zurich and the ETH Board will host the 2022 Euprio Annual Conference.
It would be an honour to welcome the communication and conference delegations of the European Universities to Zurich.

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By their very nature science and research have an international dimension. In all its variety knowledge thrives on global exchange. Against this background, higher education institutions today find themselves in a period of profound change.

In order to manage this change, science communication plays a significant role. In particular, science communication fosters the important dialogue between science and the public, enables society's participation in science and the general communication of knowledge. The EUPRIO ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2022 in Zurich will exactly address these important issues and topics.


The participants from all over Europe will experience instructive discussions and workshops with renowned speakers and personalities at this major event.

The exact program of the conference will be published on January 2022.

For further questions and requests you can contact the Members of the Euprio Conference Task Force Zurich 2022.