Euprio Conference 2023 at TU Wien (Austria)
AUGUST 27-30, 2023 - Wien (Austria)

The Challenges ahead for Communication in Higher Education

It is with great pleasure that the Technical University Wien (TU Wien) host the 2023 Euprio Annual Conference.
It is an honour to welcome the communication and conference delegations of the European Universities to Wien.

General presentation

We are experiencing many crises and have many challenges ahead of us, forcing university communication to adapt its communication. At the EUPRIO conference you will learn about current trends and international best practices. You will be integrated into the interesting international network of EUPRIO.

We all are currently experiencing societal challenges such as wars, geopolitical disputes, climate crisis, energy crisis and new technological developments from artificial intelligence to digital transformation and the metaverse.

The EUPRIO conference addresses the challenges for university communication offices in a wide range. How do we organise social media activities in times of value debate, how do we deal with the loss of control in communication and how do we strategically bring ourselves into university management?

The numerous workshops cover the topics of internal communication, public affairs, science communication, events, marketing and social media strategies and how do we go into the future with our science festivals and above all how do we reach our target audience? This also includes marketing activities at national and international level to attract students, PhD students and researchers to support our university leaders in providing excellent teaching, research and knowledge and technology transfer.

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