Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit a website. This text file stores information, such as your language preference for a website. Therefore, when you visit the website again at a later stage, this cookie will automatically be present to the website. Consequently, the website recognises your browser, allowing information such as your language preferences to be recalled.

Cookies usually have an expiry date. Some cookies (session cookies) are automatically deleted when you close your browser. While others remain on your computer for a longer time.


Why do we use cookies?

The EUPRIO uses three types of cookies on

  1. Cookies for functional purposes
  2. Cookies for analytical purposes
  3. Cookies for marketing purposes

First of all, EUPRIO uses a CMS based on WordPress to keep the content of its website up to date. This software uses one functional cookie, which is necessary for the proper functioning of this website. Therefore, you cannot refuse this cookie if you want to browse our website.

Then, EUPRIO also uses Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for analytical purposes. This analysis tool places cookies that are used to measure website visits (traffic). This is how we know, for example, how many times a particular webpage is read. We only use this information to improve the content of our website.

Finally, EUPRIO uses a limited number of cookies for marketing purposes. Marketing cookies are used to track visitors across various websites. This is done to better align advertisements with the interests and needs of the visitor.


Which cookies are used on

Below is a list of the cookies that we use, and the purpose they serve.

Functional cookies

Finally, you cannot refuse these cookies if you want to access

Name Expiry date Type Aim
ASP.NET_Sessionld Closing the browser HTTPS Preserves the visitor's session state across page requests





Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies provide website owners with insight into how visitors interact with the website by anonymously collecting information and generating aggregate reports.

Name Expiry date Type Aim
_ga 2 year HTTPS  
_gid Closing the browser HTTPS  
_dc_gtm_EUPRIO-# Closing the browser HTTPS  





Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies are used to track visitors across various websites. Above all, this is done to better align advertisements with the interests and needs of the visitor.

Name Expiry date Type Aim
_hjlnludedinSample Closing the browser HTTPS Determines if the user’s navigation should be registered in a certain statistical place holder.
ads/ga-audiences Closing the browser Pixel Google Analytics
collect Closing the browser Pixel Used to send data to Google Analytics about the visitor’s device and behaviour. Tracks the visitor across devices and marketing channels.
adhese2 29 days HTTPS Pebble Media/Predicube cookie to optimise advertisements.
















Can you avoid or delete cookies?

If you want to prevent certain cookies from being installed on your computer, certainly you can set this up through your browser’s internet options. Under the ‘privacy’ tab you can specify which cookies you want to accept.

Cookies can also be deleted through your browser’s internet options, by selecting ‘delete browsing history’

For the reason that we use cookies to collect statistics and thus improve or facilitate your visit to our website, we recommend that you keep cookies enabled in the browser.