Digital and physical activities – what has the pandemic meant for student recruitment in the future
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promoted by the EUPRIO Super Bowl Team PTSECH from Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland

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Despite the Covid-induced pause in physical meetings, EUPRIO has been working hard to offer a new series of webinars to all members. A recent Super Bowl draw among the member-countries and their representatives created several working groups, each with a given task to organise a webinar together. As a result we can offer you a set of consecutive meetings, scheduled on a monthly basis, filled with opportunities to share insights, best practices, present cutting-edge research results and/or find answers to some of the most discussed questions in today’s university communications.


The pandemic has forced us all to find new ways to communicate with our future students, with a massive focus on online activities. In this  seminar we will be introduced to a number of interesting examples and outcomes of online activities followed by a discussion about what these opportunities of development mean for student recruitment activities in the future.  In what way will we blend the digital with the physical? Which activities have been shown the capability to be replaced by digital activities and what are the expectations of the target group for activities organised by the universities?


Sofia Wiesler, Communication Officer at Umeå University, Sweden

Sofia Wiesler has been head of student recruitment for over 7 years. She’s been working with communication for 15 years, mostly with marketing to young adults – and has a genuine interest in Gen Z. She’s also worked with branding and at an advertising agency.


Kjell Carli, Communications strategist at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden and National Representative in the EUPRIO Steering Committee 

Per M. Eriksson, Head of Internal and Management Communication at Malmö University, Sweden and Deputy National Representative in the EUPRIO Steering Committee 


When: Friday, December 10th, 2021 - h. 01:00 -02:00 p.m. (CET)

Where: on the EUPRIO Webex Room (the webinar link will be sent by e-mail)

Target group: EUPRIO Members

Registration: on MyEUPRIO starting on November 15th, 2021!

Deadline: December 9th, 2021


Should you need any further information for registering to the webinar please feel free to contact:

Paola Scioli, EUPRIO Development Manager - mob. +39 335 5725029 - email:


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