How to engage with the students, learnings from the pandemic
Online webinar

First webinar organised by EUPRIO for the online conference of the Federal Association of Higher Education Communication (Bundesverband Hochschulkommunikation - Germany)

First EUPRIO webinar at the German Conference 2021
Workshop programme

During the Corona pandemic, students could no longer access the campus and universities started to create new formats to engage with their students.

The communication departments developed new ideas and new projects of engagement with students, but also with the staff of the universities.

Some of them will stay for a future after the pandemic as enrichment of the relationship between students and their university.

Marc Peron, Director of communication, University of Nantes, France
Sys-Cristina Vestergaard, Head of Press and Communications, Aarhus University, Denmark
Marcin Witkowski, Coordinator Communications and Outreach, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland

Gian-Andri Casutt, Director of communication, ETH Board and EUPRIO President , Switzerland


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When: Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021 - h. 05:00 p.m. - 06:30 p.m. (CET)

Where: on the German Conference platform (the webinar link will be sent by e-mail)

Target group: EUPRIO Members, who can register for free to the webinar and can also join other webinars (in German) offered by the Bundesverband Hochschulkommunikation

Registration: on the German Conference platform

Deadline: September 20th, 2021

Should you need any further information for registering to the webinar please feel free to contact:
Paola Scioli, EUPRIO Development Manager - mob. +39 335 5725029 - email:


Past Workshop

June 11, 2021
Cities and universities: from Co-Existence to Co-Creation

promoted by Farida Khali, Médias Deputy Head Université de Fribourg and Deputy National Representative for Switzerland in the EUPRIO Steering Committee

Webinar by Annette Klinkert
May 21, 2021
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Webinar by Ronan Carrein
March 26, 2021
The role of scientists and researchers in the pandemic
How scientists were perceived in their role of advising the governments and informing the public in different countries
February 05, 2021
1st EUPRIO-Directors-Briefing

promoted by Uwe Steger, Director of Communications at the University of Innsbruck (Austria) and National representative of Austria in the EUPRIO Steering Committee.

November 23 - 24, 2020
University communication in Corona times: a state of emergency or a new normal?

Organised by Bundesverband Hochschulkommunikation, the German Federal Association of University Communication

Online Conference