September 4-7, 2014

How to communicate in a world dominated by change?


General presentation

The world of Higher Education has always been moving and changing - but in recent years the rhythm has been accelerating and constant change is now a way of life.

International competition is growing rapidly, with worldwide mobility becoming easier for students and staff. Hotspots for economic growth are shifting and while the population has stabilised in many European countries, it is increasing rapidly in other parts of the world. Direct government spending has gone down and looks set to continue to fall in most countries.

The economic crisis is forcing governments to look closer than ever at the situation they face, with different countries coming up with different solutions. Higher Education is part of this changing world and is having to adapt to this new pace of change and to take up new challenges. Is the existing university system still the right one or should universities find new ways of existence?

Possible adaptations to this ever changing environment are gaining more visibility through mergers or higher rankings position; the adoption of new strategies with partners in or outside the country; developing research or focusing on teaching, stepping into niches, establishing new branches abroad, etc., etc., Whatever choices are made by universities to adapt to their changing environment and to the societal changes; it will be the starting point for different communications and new marketing communications processes and projects.