Ole Frank Nielsen speaker at the EC2024
Ole Frank
Social Media specialist, Special Consultant
University of Aarhus

Ole Frank Nielsen is an expert in Higher Education communication - especially through social media. He has developed (are currently managing) the SoMe-channels of Aarhus University - second largest University in Denmark.

He has worked with SoMe channels since 2010 and is a energtic networker with other universities. He founded the Social Media Managers at Uni Facebook-group with over 500 members.

Ole’s mantra is to work smarter - in the sense that it is important to use the profiles of students and scientists as brand ambassadors. His newest passion/fear is AI and content creation.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of AI in Social Media Content Creation (W)

Many people describe the emerging AI-tools as the biggest revolution since the internet - and even a bigger paradigm shift than social media. In this workshop we will discuss both - and the possibilities and threats when combining AI and social media.

Workshop structure: 10 minutes presentation of AI and its impact on social media content creation in Higher education seen from Aarhus University and a few examples from other European universities.

The Power of AI: We'll discuss how AI enhances content creation, from automated content generation to data-driven insights, and its potential to streamline marketing strategies.

Discussion in groups

Opening: Share experiences with you instution - where did it help your workday + where are the challenges? How do we label our content? This goes for both text, translations, pictures and video-content

Additional discussions/topics: Ethical Considerations: Discuss the ethical implications of AI in content creation, including issues related to bias, privacy, and the need for responsible AI use.

User Experience: Discuss how AI-driven content affects user engagement, interaction, and brand perception. Explore success stories and pitfalls.

Future Trends: Where are we in two years? Or next month? Investigate emerging AI trends, such as GPT-3's impact on content, the role of chatbots, and the growing importance of AI in social media strategy.

Key Topics: How AI can boost your content strategy? Can AI replace us/translations services? The ethical considerations surrounding AI in content creation and the facts that several Universities have banned AI from examns. Is this a challenge for your university? What programs do you use? Are the freeware (and thereby giving you a data problem) or paid? Last question - how much of this abstract was made by a human?

This is a Workshop (medium to very interactive) taking place in ROOM E4 (CLE first floor)