Per M. Eriksson speaker at the EC2024
Per M.
Communication strategist specialized in management communication
Malmö University

Per M Eriksson has worked in media and communication for over 30 years. He was first a reporter at regional and national newspapers (mainly in tabloid sector) in Sweden for 15 years before switching to communication at university.

For the past 15 years, he has worked at Malmö University, Sweden, where he has been acting head of department, deputy head and head of unit for internal communication. T

oday he works as a communication strategist with responsibility for communication at the University leadership level at the same University.

Change communication in higher education: A pan-European perspective – EUPRIO Mobility Programme Internal Communication (P)

Change. The one constant in life. In the university world, some change is initiated by the organisation, such as navigating restructures, rolling out IT systems, or embedding new ways of working. Other change is thrust upon us, such as a pandemic (forced digitalisation), war on European territory (responsible internationalisation), or rapidly increasing inflation (reduced budget).

Regardless of the type of change, effective communication is key, whether to achieve successful outcomes (wanted change) or minimise negative impacts on the organisation (unwanted change).

This session presents the results of an EUPRIO Mobility Programme collaboration between 8 university communications specialists in six countries, from Sweden in the north to Italy in the south.

Through this project, diverse approaches to change management in higher education have been compared, contrasted and collated, surfacing a pan-European perspective on best practice.


The Team

  1. Roland Baumann, ETH Zurich - Switzerland
  2. Per M. Eriksson, Malmö University - Sweden
  3. Alessia Guerretta, Università degli studi di Torino - Italy
  4. Deirdre Kilbride, Una Europa Vzw - Belgium
  5. Anna Rolczak, University of Lodz - Poland
  6. Caroline Roulaux, Universiteit Maastricht - Netherlands
  7. Paola Claudia Scioli, University communication specialist - Italy
  8. Katelijne Ulenaers, Uhasselt - Belgium


This is a Presentation (low to medium interactive) held with Deirdre Kilbride, communications manager at Una Europa,and Katelijne Ulenaers, internal communication manager at UHasselt, taking place in ROOM F3 (CLE first floor)