Lisa Maria Marchl speaker at the EC2024
Lisa Maria
Communications and Marketing Officer
Universität Innsbruck

Lisa Marchl has been working in the communications team at the University of Innsbruck for eight years. Her responsibilities include internal communication, social media, and notably, digital marketing, where she had a significant role in its development at the university. Lisa's academic background is in communication and political science, complemented by studies in organizational development and digital marketing.

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Attracting International Students – Insights from four Universities across Europe - Euprio Mobility Programme International communication & Marketing results II part (W)

In this workshop, we will explore the broad field of international student marketing, examine the reasons for attracting international students and discuss the question of what "international" actually means.

We will address the diverse and complex challenges ranging from cultural nuances to strategic implementation. Understanding these obstacles is the first step to finding effective solutions. But it's not just about challenges, it's also about success stories.

We will share best practice examples from four European universities, showcasing successful real-world examples and innovative approaches in international student marketing.

This workshop is designed to be interactive and collaborative. Our goal is to work together to answer critical questions, gain a comprehensive understanding of the international student marketing landscape and network with peers.


The Team

  1. Aurelie Coudivat, Université du Luxembourg
  2. Federico Feroldi, University of Turin
  3. Lisa Maria Marchl, Universität Innsbrück

This is a Workshop (medium to very interactive) taking place in ROOM E3 (CLE first floor)