Jamani Caillet speaker at the EC2024
Community Manager & multimedia specialist

Jamani Caillet is a community manager and multimedia specialist at EPFL. His background as a former EPFL engineering student helps him finding tailored methods to engage with the student community. His proficiency in video production, editing and photography enable the team to convert concepts and strategies into creative multimedia content.

Socials: @jamcaillet

TikTok and tools to talk to the newest generations (P)

After launching a student-run EPFL TikTok account in early 2023, the first insights show us that TikTok is currently the only social media that allows us to reach non-followers massively compared to other platforms, making it a perfect tool to reach an age group that we don’t reach otherwise.

This channel also enables us to reach a diverse audience, with a higher representation of females compared to males, which is rather rare for a STEM school.

During our presentation, we will present our strategy and the special formats that we developed for TikTok and Instagram, and show how a team of students help manage them. We will also share our doubts, ambitions and next steps, as well as how we deal with balance between content types, gender equity and dependency on algorithms.

This is a Presentation (low to medium interactive) held with Julie Haffner and taking place in ROOM E4 (CLE first floor)