Ebba Thorolvsen speaker at the EC2024
Communication officer
University West

I’m Ebba Thorolvsen, and I’m 28 years old, from Gothenburg, Sweden. I have been working with International Student Recruitment at University West in Trollhättan, Sweden, since 2021. Like many others within the field of communication, I’m a jack of all trades, working with social media, web publishing, writing, creating content, and more. From prospective students, to current and alumni.

Together with my colleagues at the International Office, we are responsible for recruiting international students and ensuring they have a good time studying in Trollhättan.

How a small Swedish university tripled its number of international students through successful communication!

University West is a small university, located in the small town of Trollhättan in West Sweden. A few years ago, the academic management had a strong mission to build complete academic environments. In order to do so, recruiting of international students was essential.

With a focus on marketing and communication, throughout the whole process before, during and after application the success is there. In 2023 the number of international students had increased by 200%, and University West was appointed “The Admission Process Award” by the Global Student Satisfaction Award (Studyportals, Unibuddy and British Council IELTS) with 120 000 students responding.

What was the recipe of success? What tools and means can be used in order to communicate successfully with a broad group of international students?

This is a Presentation (low to medium interaction) taking place in ROOM F4 (CLE first floor)