The Awards Call 2023

Entering the Euprio Awards

It’s easy and free to enter the EUPRIO Awards. We can accept one entry per university and one project per entry presented by a member of EUPRIO 2023. All you need to do is complete the 2023 EUPRIO Awards entry form on MyEUPRIO and click on submit at the end of the form.

You are requested to upload in the application form all the supporting materials that represent your campaign or project in the best way. Then, the poster and other supporting materials will form an exhibition of entries for the Awards Jury and delegates to view at the conference prior to voting.

And, of course, any university entering the EUPRIO Awards must also have representatives attending the conference. We wouldn’t want the spotlight to fall on an empty stage when we make our presentation to the winners!

We’re looking for entries across the whole range of the university communications mix. These could be social media campaigns, video projects or even traditional printed materials designed and used in an innovative way.


What the Euprio Awards Jury is looking for

This project exists to recognise and reward excellence. Conference delegates and the Awards Jury will be considering four criteria for each entry. These are:

  1. Project originality
  2. Creativity in concept and execution
  3. Success in meeting defined objectives
  4. Cost, as measured in budget and resources, in relation to benefit


What you need to do now

Fill in the 2023 EUPRIO Awards entry form. It’s important to complete all of the sections as fully as possible, to the number of words specified by August 4, 2023 at the latest.

As mentioned, we require you to prepare a number of items and these can either be mailed to the conference host university or brought with you to the conference. However, we would ask you to indicate on the entry form which of these two options you wish to use.

As well as the poster (A1 size maximum, including a jpg of this), other materials relating to your campaign or project could include brochures, flyers, T-shirt, video, etc. You may also, if you wish, present on your laptop. One person from your team will need to be present at your stand during the exhibition viewing session prior to voting.


How is the winner chosen

Everyone attending the EUPRIO annual conference will be able to vote for their favourite Awards entry. Look out for the voting papers in your conference packs. The Awards Jury will take equally into account votes cast by conference delegates alongside its own votes. Therefore, the eventual winning entry – and the two runnersup – will be seen to have well and truly demonstrated their excellence. The decision of the EUPRIO Awards Jury is final.


Deadline: August 4, 2023


Send your entry now!