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Time to enter the European HE communication ‘Oscars’ !

As the academic year starts to draw to a close, it is time to prepare your university’s entry for the European higher education ‘communication Oscars’.

Every year at our conference, a competition to win the annual EUPRIO Awards takes place to showcase the excellence of our members’ work in communications.

It is free for EUPRIO members to enter and the top prizewinner gets an invitation to present a workshop on their Award-winning entry at the 2015 annual conference, with travel, accommodation and conference fee met by EUPRIO.

The goals of the EUPRIO Awards are:

  • To highlight the work of communicators in higher education and especially your work!
  • To reward professional initiative and original creation and to promote, along the way, your university
  • To highlight new trends
  • To have the opportunity to present your project to colleagues from all over Europe and to get their feedback.

This year the judging panel will be chaired by Sys Christina Vestergaard from Aarhus Universitet, Denmark and includes an international team consisting of Véronique Éloy (Université Saint-Louis, Belgium); Kerstin Lauer (Hochschule der Medien, Germany); Martin Herrema (University of Kent, England) and last year’s winner Jan Dries (Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium).

Deadline for entries is July 1

The deadline for entries has now been extended to August 10. Entries should be sent by digital file to Sys at

If you are sending copies of printed material, these should be sent by post before August 10 to:
Uwe Steger,
communication & public – relations, University of Innsbruck
Christoph-probst-platz, innrain 52,
6020 Innsbruck, Austria

Full details about entering the Awards can be found at

Jan Dries (pictured in the featured image), director of communications at Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium, will present his workshop on the 2013 winning entry on the Saturday of this year’s conference, which is being held at the University of Innsbruck from 4-7 September.

His university’s 2013 winning entry involved turning a science student recruitment and reputation-building campaign into a National Geographic TV series.

“Winning was the catalyst for other rewards”

Jan said: “Winning the award was the catalyst for other rewards: a bronze EPICA for creativity (a renowned international award), a golden AMMA award (the Belgian Annual of Master in Media Award) two silver BOA’s (Belgian Best of Activation-awards). All very nice for us and it gave the communication department a lot of credit and internal support for our activities.

“It also had an important ‘proud of UAntwerp’ effect on students, alumni and staff. That’s an important result. But did we reach our prime goal of attracting more and better science students? Maybe not in the short term! I’ll explain why in the workshop I’ll be giving at the 2014 EUPRIO conference.”

The runner-up was Signe Schou, communications officer, Aarhus Universitet, Denmark, whose ‘Innoside at NorthSide’ entry featured a campaign to promote student entrepreneurship at a music festival.

Signe said: “Entering a project in the Euprio Awards is a great opportunity to show your work to colleagues from all over Europe and to get their response. The best part is the poster session where you get to pitch your project, talk to people and answer their questions and, hopefully, inspire others to think differently about their practice as university communicators.

“Peer review”

“It’s really as close to a peer review as we can get in our line of work. I especially enjoyed all the questions and comments from my European colleagues. I learned a lot from getting their perspective on the project. How often do you get to geek out and share your work with so many people who do the same as you?

Third place went to Martin Karlsson, communications officer at Högskolan i Borås, Sweden for their ‘Gilded Bonus Scholarship’ – which marked the university’s fifth year on Facebook. He said: “We were proud and happy for being awarded last year. It was recognition of our work and has given us confidence in further developing our communication with both current and future students.

“Noticeable campaign with relatively small means”

“We actually had our doubts when entering the competition: Was our campaign enough of a big thing? We figured it’s a good thing to be able to make noticeable campaigns with relatively small means as well. Apparently others shared our views!”

“Your ideas, your creativeness”

Sys VestergaardAs for Sys, Chair of the Judging Panel, pictured, she said:

“The success of a communication project is not simply a question of how much money you can invest in it. More than that, it’s your ideas, your creativeness and your courage to develop in new directions.

“Last year, I saw an interesting diversity of projects and I believe that it’s very valuable for us to share the good ideas and inspire each other across the borders. I hope to see a lot of entries from all over Europe.”

Looking forward to receiving your entries. Find out more more about entering.