Honorary memberships for five EUPRIO networking activists

One of the founding fathers of EUPRIO and four former national representatives on the Steering Committee have been rewarded for their role in developing our European association of university communicators by being elevated to EUPRIO honorary membersHIP. Announcing the awards, retiring EUPRIO President Christine Legrand said the honorary memberships were a ‘thank-you’ for all the hard work the five had put into building and supporting the association over many years.…

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EUPRIO keeps on growing

Over 280 participants from the world of European university communications and higher education marketing came together for the 2016 EUPRIO conference hosted by the Belgium’s University of Antwerp in early September.   The conference, under the theme of Living the brand, saw representatives from Croatia and Montenegro take part for the first time as EUPRIO celebrated the 30th anniversary of its founding in Belgium back in 1986, writes NIC MITCHELL…

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Is the EU relevant to university communicators?

EUPRIANS meet in Brussels to find out EUPRIO President Denis Ancion As university communications staff around Europe struggle with ever-increasing workloads, do they really have time – or the energy – to think about Brussels and the relative importance of what’s happening at the heart of the European Union? That’s the question Nic Mitchell put to EUPRIO’s President DENIS ANCION after the association’s Steering Committee organised a ‘Meet Brussels’ event…

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