Engage! The mission of EUPRIO’s new President

JAN DRIES has a one word answer when asked to sum up his mission as he takes over as President of EUPRIO for the next two years, writes Nic Mitchell “Engage!” By that he means making it easier for members of our European network of higher education communication professionals to engage not just with the organisation – but also with each other! Engage! is Jan Dries’ campaigns slogan as EUPRIO President…

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European Universities for Openness and Tolerance

European universities have launched a campaign, ‘European Universities for an Open World’, which calls on universities to reaffirm their commitment to the fundamental values of openness, tolerance and solidarity. The initiative comes after many students, teachers and researchers were among victims of the Paris terrorist attacks. Speaking on behalf of Europe’s higher education community, the European University Association (EUA) sent a message of solidarity and support to the French Conférence…

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Liberté Égalité Fraternité! And solidarity!

EUPRIO President Christine Legrand has thanked the many members who have sent her and other French EUPRIO representatives messages of sympathy and support after the gun attacks and suicide bombings in Paris on Friday night (13 November). “These terrible events not only concern France but also Europe, the world and universities everywhere. Liberté Égalité Fraternité! And solidarity! I’m so sad today,” said Christine. “What happened in Paris on Friday followed…

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