EUPRIO looks at digital transformation of communications

The digital transformation of communications in higher education continues to throw up challenges and opportunities for EUPRIO members, writes Nic Mitchell   So how timely that the 2018 EUPRIO annual conference at the University of Sevilla in Spain, from 3-6 June, offers a platform to answer some of the key questions facing university communication professionals, such as: How can big data be used for effective communication? What do we know…

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Branding was the focus for Italian communicators

Two EUPRIO presidents, one from the present and the other from the not so distant past, attended the annual meeting of the Italian association of higher education communication professionals, AICUN, in Rome. Current president Christine Legrand, from CPE Lyon in France, took part in a round table discussion on university branding with Paolo Pomati, from Università del Piemonte Orientale in Italy, who was out president from 2008-12. Also taking part…

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