When did you last do a social media audit?

When was the last time you audited all the social media accounts associated with your university? That’s not just the official accounts managed by EUPRIO members and your corporate communication colleagues, but also all those claiming to speak for the faculties as well as individuals with a link from your university’s web pages? A recent survey of 2,350 different European university website homepages, using the European higher education ETER project’s database,…

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Social media helps students decide where to study abroad

More than 8 in 10 prospective students looking at studying abroad in 11 European Union countries turn to social media when applying to university – with 65% using it as part of their research into where to study and nearly 30% to help make their application, according to the 2018 International Student Survey. Despite being sometimes written off as a fading star, Facebook remains the most popular form of social…

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