Don’t sell the moon, make people the astronauts

Thomas Kolster, Euprio conference Poznan 2019 Keynote speaker

Thomas Kolster - Denmark

Thomas Kolster is a man on a mission, one of the early pioneers in the do good space coining the term Goodvertising to describe the changing advertising landscape that’s become a movement in itself. As a seasoned advertising professional counting more than 16 years he’s a vocal voice for advertising and brands as a force for good and his book “Goodvertising” is the most comprehensive book to date exploring communication for good.

He’s a globally recognized keynote speaker featured at events like SXSW, Eurobest, D&AD, Epica, ad:tech & Sustainable Brands, a columnist for the Guardian and several other publications and a regular judge at international award shows. As a passionate entrepreneur and change agent he’s launched impact platforms like Cph:Change and The Huffington Post has dubbed him “Inspirational Leader”.

Mr. Goodvertising, marketing activist, author, speaker

Brands win by putting people in charge of their own life and happiness

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As every brand pays lip service to the latest issues of our time from plastic waste to female empowerment, people are becoming cynical. It’s really not about making people believe in your brand’s purpose, but rather making them believe in themselves and their ability to bring about change. Market economists have sold us the lie that we’re driven only by money, status and success but the inherent human truth that cuts across age, culture and gender uncovers a stronger force: We wish to be in charge of our own lives and our own happiness. I buy your brand because what you can make me become, not because why you exist. The role of brands has changed and Thomas argues why it’s essential to embrace a different model. Purpose is not something you give to someone, it’s something they have to create for themselves.