The intranet jungle: how to engage academic staff on the intranet

Sille Jørgensen, Euprio Conference Poznan 2019 speaker

Sille Jørgensen & Morten Moesgaard Sørensen - Denmark

Sille Jørgensen has been working with research and innovation at University of Copenhagen since 2007, helping researchers to spot funding opportunities and promoting excellent research internally at Faculty of Science. Here, she and a colleague made the framework for the UCPH Research Portal in Danish and in English, launched on the intranet in 2014. Sille studied at Roskilde University.

The intranet can be a hassle for many of our colleagues. Be aware of your role as an internal communicator and know your audience. This workshop will showcase examples from our daily work with the Research Portal at the University of Copenhagen.

Full description
The intranet can be a hassle for many of our colleagues. All that info, boring news, it’s too difficult to navigate, where do I find what I’m looking for and what I need? These are standard reactions from colleagues in most universities when talking about the intranet. At this workshop we will look into the role of managing the intranet from an internal communicator’s perspective. How do we avoid the deadly stuff and concentrate our efforts on the good stuff? Then we will dig further down into one particularly difficult target group to reach when it comes to the intranet – our academic staff. Who are they, and why don't they care? We will look at examples of how to get academic staff to actually logon to the intranet and engage on, for example, the university’s Research Portal. Naturally, we don’t have all the solutions, but we are happy to share our thoughts and strategies that work, including some upcoming ideas, just as we are equally looking forward to discussing and exchanging yours.

At the University of Copenhagen we have been very successful in engaging researchers on the intranet with the joint Research Portal collecting information that our researchers need to know in relation to research, for example around open public and private calls, pre- and post-awards, funding news, GDPR, open access and bibliometry, and registration of research publications. We also argue that the Research Portal is part of the great funding success that the university is experiencing.