Steps and tools for a competitive Alumni Association/Alumni Department (reporting from the EUPRIO Mobility Programme)

Renata Herrmannová, Euprio Conference Poznan 2019 speaker

Renata Herrmannová - Czech Republic

Renata Herrmannová is a graduate of the University of Economics in Prague which she graduated from in 1987. After five years as a housewife she moved to the industry where she worked for nine years, and in 2001 she moved to Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry, where she became the chief manager of the faculty. Four years ago, she received an offer to become the head of the Department of Marketing and External Relations at the Rectorate of the university. She is responsible for university marketing, all public and media appearances such as social networks, newspaper, TV, radio, and the university newspaper. She leads the modernisation of the university website, and she participates in the creation of our promotional videos. Furthermore, she organises expositions and fairs at home and abroad. In public relations, she represents the Brno University of Technology in dealings with industry and public institutions such as government ministries, other universities, and cities. Her hobbies are life long learning, literature, travel, Spanish, and my two dogs.

This workshop will share the outcomes of our EMP exchange, including guidance for participants who are interested in starting their own alumni engagement programme.

Full description
The Alumni Association is a linchpin between the university, companies and society.

Alumni Associations have been very common in USA and UK universities for a long time, where there is a solid tradition. But most European universities are not so confident with this subject and haven’t discovered the benefits of engaging alumni in university life and its development. Nowadays, alumni are becoming more and more important, not just as worldwide ambassadors for the university but by contributing to degrees, placements, fundraising, research, the development of projects, promoting the university nationally and internationally, and with international recruitment.

Through the EUPRIO Mobility Programme and with colleagues from other universities, we are exploring:

  1. Are the Alumni Association or the Alumni Relations Office best to engage with our alumni?
  2. What are the main goals?
  3. What are the main steps?
  4. What are the best tools to use?

We will share the outcomes of our exchange programme including guidance for participants who are interested in starting their own alumni engagement programme.