Communicating with students using targeted data. Turning students into ambassadors

Ouriel Boiria with Maxime Brunengo, France

Ouriel recently graduated from CPE Lyon engineering school with a Masters in Computer Science and he also has a Masters n Entrepreneurship from EM Lyon Business School. He is CEO of Woltö.



Today, we use the term “Digital Natives” to refer to people who were born and grew up in a digital environment; their perception of time and space is different to that of earlier generations, as are their learning habits and the way they interact and communicate with their peers. This new generation wants everything faster, more targeted, and more personalized.

In this session, Ouriel Boiria draws on his experience as CEO of Wolto, a start-up in digital learning, to explore ways of facing these challenges. Woltö was founded by Maxime Brunengo and Ouriel Boiria and aims to bring teachers and students within the same community. Woltö’s fundamental idea is to use data to raise students’ interest and customize their language classes, so that they become their own learning ambassadors. It is this simple concept that drives the company’s strategy, with lessons to be learned for anyone working in communications in education