How to create an effective science communications campaign

Euprio Conference Poznan 2019 speaker

Minna Hölttä & Annika Linna - Finland

Minna Hölttä is Senior Science Editor at Aalto University. She is a communications professional interested in language, science, society, welfare and technology.

“What if…” by Aalto University, Finland won 1st prize in the EUPRIO Awards 2018. This workshop will share the secrets of their success.

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A brilliant idea refined in close collaboration with people across the different fields of communication is the key to making a successful science communications campaign that has impact. As always in communications, content is king, but in a campaign the trick is to make the content live in multiple forms and channels. To succeed, you need to collaborate with different experts and most importantly, win their engagement. In this workshop, you will learn our recipe to make this happen, and have a chance to share your ideas and experiences with others through inspiring exercises. Your takeaway will be lots of innovative ideas and the ability to make your own “What if…” campaign.