Content Connection: joining the dots between your internal and external communications

Justin Kirby - United Kingdom

Justin Kirby is an educator, writer and speaker with a 20+ year career in industry as a strategist, producer and entrepreneur. He has been writing about the impact of digital technologies on business and marketing since the early 1990s, and his books include Connected Marketing: The viral, buzz and word of mouth revolution (2005) and The Definitive Guide to Strategic Content Marketing (2018).

Justin is head of strategy at 1854 Media who publish the British Journal of Photography, run several international awards and help brands and their agencies connect with the hottest emerging visual storytelling talent through their recently launched commissioning platform.

He also chairs and speaks at conferences around the globe, judges awards, consults brands and agencies, and lectures regularly on a wide range of advertising, business, design and marketing degrees in the UK and Europe.

Marketers everywhere are talking about content, but not everyone is saying the same thing or even talking about the same thing. Some professionals love content and believe it has revolutionized marketing communications. To others, it's mere hype: a new name for what marketers have always done.

Justin Kirby is the co-author of The Definitive Guide to Strategic Content Marketing, a new book that weaves insight and contributions from a wealth of A-list industry professionals and influencers to present a balanced view of content marketing.

He’ll be discussing how digital is very good at helping to expose ‘disorganizations’ and how you now run a much greater risk of being found and called out, if you try and engineer a reputation or fake it. And how this makes it more important than ever for companies to become clearer about who they are and what they are about, as well as be true to themselves – so that the building of strong brands is something that needs to start from the inside out.

His Content Connection keynote will specifically explain why brands should think less about how to avoid being tuned out in the attention-scarce world, but how to get chosen by joining the dots between your internal and external communications. And how that’s less about starting with Why, but Who is it that you enable your customers to become – so that ‘what you do simply proves what you believe’ is communicated through more ‘values-in-action’ storytelling or ‘storydoing'.