Masterclass: How to develop a web strategy in 10 steps - Endnote: The role of Higher Education in a fully interconnected world

Bernd Völcker, Germany

As a digital strategist and entrepreneur , Bernd Völcker is member in a variety of executive boards with more than 30 years of experience in the tech sector. He has a broad experience in all aspects of strategy development and implementation for digital communications. He has an MBA from the Free University of Berlin and attended the Masters Programme in Computer Science at San Francisco State University.



Participants will learn how to build a digital strategy in a few easy steps

As digital communication becomes more and more complex, communications professionals increasingly need a comprehensive overview of the issues. A digital strategy is essential…. but how do you build such a strategy?

In this class, participants can learn how to develop a convincing digital strategy for an institution of higher education in a short period of time. With the help of a 10-point guideline, the participants will be offered an outline with which they can develop a flexible plan.

The strategy created with this approach will serve as a kind of "survival guide" to handle well-intentioned hints from colleagues and urgent demands from the bosses. This helps… before, during and after a project! Since stakeholders of the organization are involved they have the opportunity to participate in the project without creating chaos or delaying projects by raising objections and necessary actions are not compromised by the polyphony of a complex organization.

Participants of this class will learn how a methodology helps to prioritize digital communication actions by modelling target groups, as well as the behaviour of these target groups on the internet. The method presented to the class has already been used successfully at several major universities: it shows how to develop a comprehensible vision for all participants, how to understand the status quo correctly and how to raise urgency for action. Tools for strategy development, a new way to identify target groups, a new approach to determining the customer's journey and an agile process for perpetual relaunch will be presented. The participants will get an insight into modern tools for controlling projects and practical examples will demonstrate how other institutions have successfully used similar guidelines.


In his speech Bernd will take a broad view on what might happen in the future in the world of Higher Education communications. He will explore such issues as mobile communications strategies, the struggle between IT and communications departments and will take a close look at the customer journey in HE.