Not sticks but carrots - how can we keep our community more informed?

Anna Rolczak, Poland

Anna Rolczak is Head of the Marketing and Communications Centre at the University of Lodz in Poland. Since 2005, she has been professionally associated with the service industry. For many years she has been associated with the University of Lodz, where she studied at the Faculty of Law and Administration and at the Faculty of Philology. Her professional experience in the area of communications was complemented by studies at Masters level at Clark University (Massachusetts), as well as post-graduate studies in the field of service design at the School of Form.


How the University of Lodz is focusing on digital communications with its stakeholders

Most universities scatter information across several platforms, expecting stakeholders to work hard to find what they need! At the University of Lodz, staff and students usually need to check at least five channels, including various webpages and social media platforms, to find information dedicated to them…. and this doesn’t include interesting channels with local or regional news.

In this session Anna will explore the challenges of centralising communications in universities, and how to attract stakeholders to a central point of information..with a proverbial carrot! She will explain how the communications team of the University of Lodz works with the IT department on various tools to keep its community more informed. For alumni and students, for instance, it may be a mobile application that is also a platform to send important messages. For staff, an advanced portal is being designed that will not only centralise news but will be a central point for social matters and events.