Promoting quality science communication: QUEST and RETHINK projects

Alessandra Fornetti

Alessandra Fornetti - Italy

Alessandra Fornetti is Executive Director of the TEN Program on Sustainability of the Venice International University (VIU) and Coordinator of the H2020 Project QUEST on Science Communication. She has over 15-year experience in managing international cooperation programs on research, capacity building, communication and dissemination, with EU and non-EU countries, engaging with the different Stakeholders from public authorities to the business sector. She was VIU Head of Communications in 2011-2014. She is part of the Leonardo’s Group of Science Gallery Venice and member of PCST. She also acts as referent for the participation of the VIU in national and international networks on sustainability (e.g. UN Global Compact, ASviS).

Quest Project

TEN program at VIU

Session introduction

QUEST and RETHINK projects investigate today science communication ecosystem to improve the quality of interactions between science and society, and to provide communicators and scientists with supporting tools for better communicating research results. 

Session in-depth

What is QUALITY in science communication? QUEST and Rethink has distilled a list of guiding principles (KPIs) which are at the basis of a series of ready-to-use tools, such as checklists, guidelines, toolkits that have been developed by the two projects.

In the session, we will engage the participants in the exploration and discussion of the identified guiding principles and tools specifically developed for communicator professionals (main beneficiaries of EUPRIO) as well as those for scientists