Reputation management and building through key audiences: inspire, include, and engage

Aikaterini Nikolaidou, Euprio Conference Poznan 2019 speaker

Aikaterini Nikolaidou - Cyprus

Aikaterini Nikolaidou, a CEDR (UK) accredited mediator and a  DMI Certified Digital Marketing Professional, received an LLB and a BA in History and Archaeology from the University of Cyprus, while she holds an MA in European Studies from KU Leuven (Belgium).

She is the Head of the Communication Office at the Rectorate of the University of Cyprus, a Research Fellow at Vrije Universiteit Brussels (Faculty of Law and Criminology) and a part time researcher and/or communication consultant at EU funded programs since 2012.  She has a keen interest in Science Communication, Promotion of Research, Digital media and the engagement of Communities, subjects that she has spoken on at international workshops.  She is an active member of the European Association of Communication Professionals in Higher Education (EUPRIO-Brussels). Between 2009-2015 she was appointed by the London Chamber of Commerce to grade the LCCI Public Relations Diplomas in Cyprus.   In 2011 she was appointed by the Network of Universities of Capitals of Europe (UNICA) as the Chair of its International Working Group on Communication and Public Relations and ever since is the coordinator of its main conference which is organised every year by a different member University.

Communicators in higher education are often concerned with how to maintain a polished image of their university towards the world “glocally”. However, do we pay the same attention to what the members of our own university community think about our organisation? Do we try as hard as we try to please the greater society to please the different members of our own community? Moreover, if we do try enough, what other factors are important in order to be successful in our endeavours?

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During the session we will pinpoint the members of the university community, clarify whether there are differences amongst the participant’s universities in order to start with a common ground and talk about the other parameters that might have an impact and affect – positively and negatively – the internal communication and its efforts to inspire communities.

In an informative and highly interactive session, the participants will work with the speaker to:

  • exchange experiences on the Communication Strategies in Higher Education
  • clearly separate the external and internal audiences
  • identify useful tools that enhance the “user experience” by maximising the benefit for the institution.

Amongst these tools, emphasis will be given to audio-visual communication, as well as the university accounts on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and its platforms’ utility/significance.

The workshop will focus on two important members of the university community: the researchers and the students. The experiences of students and staff as members of the university community have already created a brand in itself. Does the impression of their university match what the institution’s leadership has in mind when it comes to the messages they would like to get out? How can we engage with those stakeholders and use them as ambassadors of good will? While trying to answer these vital questions, the session will focus on the methods and tools that can be used to engage students and staff more, inspire loyalty and utilise them as ambassadors for the messages we want to communicate.

The objective of the workshop is for communicators to get fresh ideas and contribute their own experiences of how a university can:

  • Inspire
  • Include
  • Engage
  • Create ownership