Development and Alumni Engagement.
the case for alumni engagement and suppor


Anna Mundell, Director Development and Alumni Engagement Division
Bocconi University – Milan, Italy

November 17th, 2017 – h. 09:00-16:30


Following on the highly successful EUPRIO Mannheim masterclass, we explore the first “ingredient” for successful alumni engagement and support: the Case.

Why should your university bother with an alumni and fundraising program? What are the elements of a strong and compelling Case? Who is involved in creating one and why? How is a Case used and with whom?

The session aims at providing all these answers by illustrating good practices in higher education in Europe (and beyond when appropriate).

The output of the session is an understanding of the need and opportunity to invest time and resources in articulating a Case which will help you better engage your Alumni and be very convincing about the need to raise private philanthropic support.

The Speaker

Anna Mundell

Anna Mundell

Mundell is Italian born with extensive international development and alumni engagement experience built through a long tenure in the USA and over 20 years of consulting experience in higher education in Europe. She is the co-founder of More Partnership Ltd, a leading fundraising consultancy in Europe and currently resident Director of the Development and Alumni Engagement Division at Bocconi in Milan.  Anna Mundell is leading the first ever fundraising campaign for an Italian university, aiming to raise €120 million by 2020 in support of Bocconi’s 2015-2020 Strategic Plan.  Working closely with the University leadership, the Campaign Board and the fundraising Steering Committee, Bocconi is striving to change the culture among alumni, companies and foundations about the importance of supporting education and thus paving the way for other universities to engage in relevant and impactful alumni and philanthropic work.




Bocconi University – New Building via Roentgen, 1 – 5 floor – meeting room 5-e4-sr 04


9:30-11:00    Introductions The Bocconi context Let’s talk about Alumni Engagement
11:00-11:15  Coffee break
11:15-13:00  Getting deeper What we have learned at Bocconi How do we know it makes sense? 13:00-14:00  Light lunch
14:00-15:15  The fundraising Case for Support
15:15-15:30  Coffee break
15:30-16:30  Bocconi’s Alumni Predictive Model
16:30            Farewell


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