Agile training to help you succeed in your projects

CPE Lyon
Campus LyonTech/la Doua – Bât. Hubert Curien – Saille des Conseils (floor 2)
3, rue Victor Grignard – Villeurbanne-Lyon, France

December 10th, 2018 (Monday), h. 09:00 a.m. – 04:30 p.m.


Workshop Agile Lyon

Workshop: Agile training to help you succeed in your projects, by Alfred Almendra



In this interactive session, you will learn agile methodology and improve the way you carry out your projects. By playing serious games, you will learn by doing, in a funny way. You will experiment agile technics in order to meet both users needs and deadlines. You will see how to save time and how to improve the performance of your team, at a sustainable pace.


  • Internal and external communication at higher education institutions
  • Communication strategies


  • Alfred Almendra, Formateur et consultant indépendant en management agile de l’innovation


  • CPE Lyon, France

How to apply

Filling in an online registration form, available from September 3rd to December 3rd, .2018  (min. 10 participants – max 20 participants)


EUPRIO optioned some rooms for participants at Hotel Mercure Lyon Centre Charpennes
7 place Charles Hernu – Villeurbanne-Lyon Ph: +33 4 /72444646 email:
Each participant has to confirm the reservation filling in the booking form and sending it directly to the hotel at the following address: 
Most of the hotels are fully booked in Lyon in that period because of the Fêtes des Lumières. We invite you to book your accommodation asap.


h. 09:00-12:30
game 1 “drawing cows”:
you will learn the difference between a request and the underlying needs, and you will see how agile methodology helps meeting users needs.

game 2 “spell and write”: you will understand why most projects are late and why your team struggle to meet deadlines. You will learn how the same team can save a lot of time and improve its performance, at a sustainable pace.

Light lunch

game 3 “Lego 4 Scrum”
 : this game is a simulation of a real agile project using Scrum, the most popular agile method. You will learn how to better prepare a project, and how to deliver more value while still meeting deadlines and making ends meet. 


Paola Claudia Scioli – mob. ph. +39 335 5725029 email: