The EUPRIO Mobility Programme – second edition (2018-2019) supported 4 projects:

  1. Step and tools for a competitive Alumni Association/Relations Office. Participants: Renata Hermannová – Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic), Giga Gogosashvili – University of Silesia in Katowice (Poland), Christine Legrand – CPE Lyon (France), Sylvian Raffard-Artigue – Université de la Nouvelle Calédonie (France).
  2. How can a closer collaboration between Press/PR Department and International Offices of universities helpto promote the respective Colleges/Conservatories/Universities, its European network and international strategy and international visibility? Participants: Claudia Assmann – Berlin University of the Arts (Germany), Maité Abram – Haute École Léonard de Vinci (Belgium), Kirsty Barr – The Glasgow School of Arts (United Kingdom), Katie Bell – The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (United Kingdom), Cynthia-Maria Ghobril Andrea – Université Siant-Joseph de Beirut (Lebanon)
  3. The university & the city: how to really step down from our ivory towers and engage with citizens. Participants: Pieke Hoekstra – Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands), Jacek Novak – University of Silesia in Katowice (Poland), Matxalen Sotillo – University of Basque Countries (Spain), Jeanette Tenggren Durkan – University of Gothenburg (Sweden)
  4. Student and Employee Advocacy: how, why and what? Participants: Caroline Roulaux – University of Maastricth (The Netherlands), Jan Dries – University of Antwerp (Belgium), Emma Gilmartin – The university of Glasgow (United Kingdom), SysChristina Vestergaard – Aarhus University (Denmark)

The output of these works are published on MyEUPRIO (Mobility Programme/II edition)


The EUPRIO Mobility Programme – first edition (2017-2018) supported 1 project:

  1. Tell me: what’s going on? Participants: Philip Graham – University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom), Xander Bronkhorst – Utrecht University (The Netherlands), Caroline de Vries –  NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands)

The focus in this project was on communication with international students and staff. Participants asked themselves: how can we engage and include our international students and staff members in our university community? How can internal communications and specific use of content contribute to this? What can we learn from the best practices and how can we implement elements of these practices in our daily work? Their aim was to find best practices and reflect on new strategies and projects that each of them are working on themselves.

The output of these works are published on MyEUPRIO (Mobility Programme/I edition) and it has been presented by Philip Graham during the General Assembly at the EUPRIO Annual Conference in Sevilla last June 4, 2018.

Mobility Programme (EMP)

Philip Graham of The University of Edinburgh presents the EMP during the EUPRIO General Assembly in Sevilla on June 4, 2018

A few comments on the EMP by Philip Graham, who took part in the pilot project (first edition):

“To summarize the EUPRIO Mobility
• We all thought is was really worthwhile
• We met a wide range of staff and students – great for sharing experiences
• Different roles – internal comms, journalism, and international communications
• Hard to all agree on one focus for the programme
• So would advise partnering with the same counterpart roles in each university

But ultimately – interesting and rewarding, so thank you for the opportunity”

For an overview on the experience of the participants to the first edition, watch to the interview to Philip Graham (The University of Edinburgh) by Nic Mitchell


Updated November 22nd, 2019