The EUPRIO Mobility Programme (EMP) is an inspiring initiative to support innovative projects in university communications. It gives EUPRIO members the chance to network and work together on specific projects that could benefit the community of university  communicators across Europe. 

It is completely different in content and rules from the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility scheme.

EMPThe EMP is not designed to finance mobility of individuals wishing to attend language courses, conferences or to visit a university in another country. The EMP will support EUPRIO members who will go through selection and approval process directly on the EUPRIO Executive Board level.  Coordination of EMP entries with the universities involved will be appreciated.

EUPRIO will support concrete, tangible projects involving 2-5 EUPRIO members (including the project leader) each from different countries.  The aim is to work together and produce results, by sharing best practices in the field of university communication at national and international level.

The main goals of EMP are:
–  supporting solutions to real problems and issues encountered by EUPRIO members
–  developing case-studies as member-only resource
–  strengthening networking ties and sharing know-how among EUPRIO members
–  fostering international cooperation in the field of university communications
–  providing the opportunity for members to work on a specific project together with other colleagues, representing various cultures, work habits and expertise
–  producing best practices and/or innovative solutions to the daily issues of university communication department to be shared within the EUPRIO community

Only EUPRIO Members since almost 2 years can take part in the programme.

Have a view of the EMP past editions and read the blogs by Nic Mitchell!

EUPRIO Mobility Programme


Updated July 21st, 2019