EUPRIO has 750 members from all over Europe



It is easy to become a member of EUPRIO. Read the information below, and fill in the CONTACT FORM, if you ask for becoming member for the first time, or the MEMBERSHIP FORM, if you would like to renew your membership for the current year. Membership is articulated into four categories:


It’s open to all professionals who are engaged in the field of communications (press officers, public and external relations, marketing, information, Web, protocol, counselling, internal and external communication, etc.) in higher education and research institutions situated in Europe.


It’s open to higher education and research institutions situated in Europe. Institutions, though, are not members; each institutional membership entitles groups of up to four employees engaged in the field of communications at the same institutions to register as members, saving money and increasing memberships. One institution can subscribe several institutional memberships. These members have the same rights and duties as individual members.


It’s open to:
 – Professionals who are engaged in the field of communications but not employed in higher education and research institutions;
– Companies that are involved in higher education and research communications, but are not universities or related organisations.


Is awarded to persons who have attained acknowledged excellence in the field of communications and/or higher education and/or have made major contributions to EUPRIO.


Candidates to individual or institutional membership are requested to fill out the CONTACT FORM.

Candidates to associate membership present the MEMBERSHIP FORM to the Executive Board sending an e-mail to Institutions/organisations have to make a choice between the category of membership for their employees, who want to become members of Euprio.


Members, after receiving confirmation of their admission and an invoice, will pay the fees to their National Representative or, if the country has not a representative yet or the representative doesn’t collect fees at national level, directly to the Treasurer, filling out the MEMBERSHIP FORM and sending it with a copy of the bank transfer to:

The current fees are:

individual and associate: 115 Euros
institutional: 240 Euros
Fees are to be paid not later than 30th April 2018

Members who have paid the fees are entitled to attend the Annual Conference, to vote in General Assembly and to enjoy all rights derived from the membership.

For request of admission or more info, please contact us