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Let us hear from you about EUPRIO 2014 in the Alps!

MEMORIES of the sunny (and rainy) days of EUPRIO’s last conference in the historic English city of Canterbury are now fading, but the team responsible for organising our annual gatherings of European higher education communicators are busy working on the 2014 annual conference, to be held in the equally historic city of Innsbruck in the Austrian Alps, from 4-7 September.

With Europe and higher education in general in a state of transition, the conference theme for 2014 is ‘How to communicate in a world dominated by change’.

The sun should be shinning over Innsbruck for EUPRIO 2014

The sun should be shining over Innsbruck for EUPRIO 2014

Suggestions from the ‘European Plaza’ – EUPRIO’s method of getting ideas for future events from delegates at the last conference – are helping to build an exciting and relevant programme.

Have your input

But there’s still time for EUPRIO members to make their input and suggest good speakers from their own countries, or abroad, and workshop ideas tailored to the overarching conference theme.

EUPRIO’s President Denis Ancion said: “Universities are having to adapt to stay in tune with the new rhythm imposed by society. Sometimes they do this through mergers or by adopting strategies with partners outside their country, or by focusing on teaching or research. But they know that today’s world is dominated by change.

“This has major implications for communication professionals. For good communications is at the heart of everything – whether we’re talking about developments in e-learning, the MOOCs, changes to the rankings or the need to balance the demands and needs of academia, government and business.”

The 2014 conference task force is being chaired by Véronique Eloy from Belgium, and the team includes the President; Marie-Catherine Mouchot from France; Uwe Steger (as organiser of the Innsbruck conference), Marcus Moser from Switzerland, Paola Scioli from Italy, and President-elect Christine Legrand.

The more nationalities the richer

Véronique says: “The task force is working hard to find interesting speakers and workshop leaders. The more different nationalities that are represented by speakers the richer the conference becomes, so let’s please have your suggestions and ideas. We’ve reached the stage where EUPRIO conferences are of scientific high quality and this is for sure thanks to the wonderful EUPRIO team spirit. So send your ideas to me at

While the scientific programme is being put together, the main conference organiser on the ground at Innsbruck, Uwe Steger, says delegates to the 2014 conference can be assured of a warm welcome and an attractive social programme. “Networking is key to EUPRIO conferences and there will be plenty of opportunities to do just that when we come together from over 20 countries in the Tyrol. We’re really looking forward to welcoming all Euprians to Innsbruck.”

* There is a short prezi on the EUPRIO website giving more information about the conference venue and some key facts about Innsbruck and our host university.



IN a letter to national representatives on the EUPRIO Steering Committee, President Denis Ancion congratulated Martin Herrema and the Task Force and team behind our recent successful Canterbury conference; and, on behalf of the Innsbruck, asked for:

1) Articles and speakers on communications projects related to the subject ‘institutional reorganisation as a response to change’

2) Articles and speakers on communications and marketing projects which have to do with ‘becoming more visible in an international higher education environment that is constantly changing and getting more and more competitive’.

Some further examples of possible themes to consider: Concentration processes of faculties or universities, restructuring and reorganisation on a large scale, choosing to become a specialised university, mergers/associations of universities and schools or university colleges, moving parts of the university abroad, become an international university.

For all these situations, we are looking for communications projects to support and explain these changes taken by universities to their stakeholders (internally/externally).

With regards to the Innsbruck Conference themes, the Task Force is considering the following:

1) Universities have to take up new challenges and to adapt their models to stay in tune with the new rhythm imposed by society. This can be done through such strategies as gaining more visibility through mergers or higher positions in rankings, adopting new strategies with partners in or outside the country, developing research or focusing on teaching, stepping into niches, establishing new branches abroad, etc.,

2) Workshops and lectures that concentrate on how these new strategies are implemented in our communications. Change can also force universities to become more visible by focusing on new products or working on certain selected marketing and communications related issues, such as:
• E-learning, MOOCS, and how can we market these new ways of learning?
• Rankings: how can rankings be used in a communication strategy? Can rankings be used to attract foreign students?
• Reputation Management through social media
• University partnerships with local governments and businesses (triple helix).

Please send your suggestions to