EUPRIO is an association of professionals. First of all, membership is individual and personal. Furthermore, institutions and organisations cannot become members of EUPRIO, but only appoint their employees to become members.

You can choose the best EUPRIO membership for you between four categories:

All professionals working in the field of communications in European higher education or research institutions can become individual members of EUPRIO. They can work,  e.g., in strategic communication, media relations, institutional relations, marketing, social media management, web, internal communication, international communication, events management. The annual fees is 115 euro.
It is open to groups of up to four professionals/employees engaged in the field of communications at the same higher education and/or research institution situated in Europe. Even more, each institution can have several institutional memberships at the same time (for example two institutional memberships for up to eight named members). The annual fees is 240 euro.
Professionals, working in the field of communications as freelancer or in companies dealing with higher education and research, can register to EUPRIO as associate members. Furthermore, this members’ category has the same rights and duties as individual members, but a REQUEST OF ADMISSION to the Executive Board is compulsory before registering. The annual fees is 115 euro.
Professionals, who have attained acknowledged excellence in the field of communications and/or higher education and/or have made major contributions to EUPRIO, can become honorary members. The Steering Committee nominates the Honorary Members once a year. No annual fees is requested.


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