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How do you reach international students and staff?

A pilot project for the new EUPRIO Mobility Programme, or EMP, is looking for partner universities to help find the best way to communicate with international students, staff and guests and make them feel at home and part of the university community.


The EMP initiative was launched this autumn to encourage EUPRIO members to work together, across borders, to solve real-life communication problems and develop case studies as a member-only resource available on the website intranet, writes Nic Mitchell.

Tell me: what’s going on

Ludo Koks from Utrecht University suggested the idea

The first project to get the go-ahead, ‘Tell me: what’s going on? was proposed by Ludo Koks, pubic affairs manager at Utrecht University in the Netherlands and will be led by Xander Bronkhorst, editor of their independent online magazine DUB.

He hopes to work with up to four other EUPRIO members in different countries to discover best practices in informing foreign students and staff about current events, developments and debates on campus and what he calls ‘talk of the town’ news and useful information.

With financial help from EUPRIO, members chosen will spend a week at another university involved in the project and find out first-hand how easy or difficult it is to get acquainted with their host university through content available on websites, magazines and social media.

Luko said: “Providing international students, staff and guests with this kind of ‘human interest’ information can be a means to get them involved, but universities struggle to find ways to do so.”

Language is often a challenge

Xander Bronkhorst edits Utrecht University’s online magazine

Xander said: “The main challenge is often language. Universities in non-English-speaking countries must find the capacity and the means to produce English content beside content in their mother tongue. Moreover, universities may find it hard to guarantee the quality of the English written or spoken productions. Probably, there are more obstacles. Do universities for example really know what internationals demand and expect?”

He is keen for one of the participating team members to be from a British university as universities in the UK welcome relatively large numbers of international guests and UK staff members can provide valuable feedback on the English used for content in non-English-speaking countries.

Any member interested should make a submission to join the project by 6 November, via the EUPRIO intranet which you can reach by logging into the website and scrolling down to EMP – Approved Proposals.

If you have difficulty logging in or have forgotten your password, email

See here for more about the EMP


  • Main photo from Utrecht University