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Get agile to meet your deadlines

Does your communication team struggle to meet deadlines – with too many requests from users of your services?

Alfred Almendra

The answer doesn’t have to mean working longer and harder, says IT specialist and independent Alfred Almendra.

What’s important is to distinguish between user requests and needs – whether the users are students, parents, teachers or those recruiting students to your university!

Alfred will explain more in an interactive all-day workshop where he will demonstrate how agile techniques can improve the value of your services and save you time in the process.

Lyon workshop

The workshop is free to EUPRIO members and is being hosted by CPE Lyon, France, on Monday 10 December, 2018.

Alfred gave a masterclass on using agile techniques to improve the student experience at EUPRIO’s annual conference in Sevilla; and the Lyon workshop provides an opportunity to go into things in more depth.

Serious – but fun – games

The workshop will be in English and will involve learning about agile methodology and improving the way you carry out projects through a series of serious – but fun – games.

Details about how to apply are on the EUPRIO website.

Alfred says: “At Sevilla, people attending my masterclass succeeded in setting up a mock-up of a mobile app that could match their user needs in a prototyping session.

“In Lyon, we will be focusing on 3 things – the value for users, time and deadlines, and the process. I will be emphasising that increasing value doesn’t mean working longer and harder. Instead you will see how to switch from their requests to their real needs.

Become predictable to meet deadlines

“If you feel always late, if you never have enough time to do everything you’re supposed to do, come and see how to deliver more at a sustainable pace, and how to become predictable so that you can always commit and meet deadlines.

“You can improve the process of your team with very simple steps which might seem wasteful at first, but measure it and see how powerful it can be,” says Alfred.

Alfred is a computer science graduate from the engineering school Polytech Sophia Antipolis in France. For the last ten years, he has specialised in implementing ‘Agile and Lean’ start-up approaches as an independent consultant.

Story by Nic Mitchell