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French higher education communicators celebrate 30th anniversary

France’s association for higher education communication professionals, ARCES, has been celebrating its 30th anniversary.

To mark the occasion, ARCES has organised anniversary communication awards, which attracted 51 entries from 28 institutiorns.

There were six categories and a list of the winners can be found here – (in French).

Jobs survey

ARCES members have also been taking part in the 6th French Observatory survey of jobs in communications.

The biannual survey highlights changing trends in university communications and shows that the average size of communication departments is growing, from 4.1 persons in 2013 to 5.3 in 2015.

Salaries are, however, falling at the same time as professionalisation is on the increase, according to the report.

Budgets increasing

 Communication budgets were reported to have grown by 35% in 2015 after falling sharply in 2013.

The new survey also showed that 80% of institutions now consider communications to be an integral part of the strategy of their institutions.

Rankings are becoming more important, with institutions putting them in 5th spot among communication priorities, ahead of relationships with graduates and research funding.

Social networks are now part of everyday life, with 87% of respondents – regardless of their function – dedicating time every week to social media for their establishments.

The French Observatory also revealed that the ARCES member is a 40-year-old female who has worked in communications for six years.

See the French Observatory results here – (in French)

Words by Christine Legrand and Nic Mitchell.

Picture of ARCES 30th anniversary celebrations.