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Free EUPRIO workshop in Zagreb on internal communications

EUPRIO is holding its first workshop in South-Eastern Europe with a free event for members on ‘Engaging internal audiences to boost your University’s external success’, writes Nic Mitchell.

 It will be held at the University of Zagreb on Friday May 18, 2018 and is organized by the Agency for Science and Higher Education, Zagreb, Croatia together with University of Zagreb and EUPRIO

University of Zagreb, Rectorate

More details and the complete programme can be found here 

EUPRIO Italian Steering Committee member Paola Claudia Scioli, said: “This is the first time EUPRIO has helped to organize a training event in south-eastern Europe and we are sure the subject will interest public relations and communication staff at universities in the region. This is part of our programme to run more workshops throughout Europe between our annual conferences.”

Croatian EUPRIO member Sandra Kramar and Adviser for Protocol and PublicEvents Organization at the University of Zagreb, said: “As the largest and leading university in the area we are honoured to be an active part of EUPRIO network and it is our wish to introduce EUPRIO and its activities to other universities in Croatia.”

The workshop is being led by Paul Helbing, Director of Communications of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Professor Majda Tafra Vlahovié, from University of Dubrovnik.

Areas to be covered include:

  • the importance of effective internal communication
  • why proactively informing stakeholders about activities and the results of higher education institutions is vital
  • encouraging strategic planning of communication activities
  • the relevance of active inclusion in the EUPRIO network

Željka Plužarić from the Croatia’s Agency for Science and Higher Education, said: “We are delighted to be co-hosting this event and look forward to meeting higher education communication professionals and discussing this vital area of our work and to hold similar events in the future.”

Paul Helbing from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Paul Helbing, a regular speaker at EUPRIO conferences, said: “My session will cover the connection between internal and external communications.

“We have thousands of students and employees who experience the real identity of our universities everyday. They have hundreds of thousands friends and relations with whom they share these experiences. So, it is not just what the communications department says about the university, but what the staff and students believe that gets shared on social media and elsewhere.

“So, if you want to strengthen the reputation of your university, this is where you should start. And remember in higher education, people do not automatically believe and accept every story they hear – even from the communication department!

“The workshop will look at handling not only the strong, but also the weak points in the perception of your ‘ambassadors’ – the staff and students – and discuss the role and position of communications people in the changed media landscape.”

The workshop will be held at University of Zagreb (entrance hall), Trg Republike Hrvatske 14, Zagreb, Croatia, May 18,2018 beginning at 9 am.

Registration form on


 An online application form must be completed by Monday, 14 May 2018 at 4pm CET.