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Free EUPRIO workshop on fundraising

European universities are waking up to the potential of fundraising as part of alumni engagement and few more so than Italy’s Bocconi University, which hosts a free workshop for EUPRIO members on the subject on 17 November.


The Milan-based university aims to raise €120 million to support its 2015-2020 strategic plan and is leading a drive to change the culture among alumni, companies and foundations about the importance of supporting education, writes Nic Mitchell.


Anna Mundell from Bocconi University, Milan

Anna Mundell from Bocconi University, Milan

On Friday 17 November, the resident Director of Bocconi’s Development and Alumni division, Anna Mundell, will present an all-day workshop exploring the vital first steps in making the case for fundraising.

Anna, who is the co-founder of More Partnership Ltd, a leading fundraising consultancy in Europe, led a successful masterclass at EUPRIO’s 2017 annual conference in Mannheim, Germany on why universities should bother with alumni engagement and fundraising.

Her workshop in Milan will look in greater depth at the essential elements of making a strong and compelling case to help universities better engage with their alumni and be more convincing about the need to raise philanthropic support.

Her workshop will cover who needs to be involved and look at some of the best examples of good practice from around the world.

Italian-born Anna has extensive international development and alumni engagement experience built through a long tenure in the USA and over 20 years of consulting experience in higher education in Europe.

The workshop, from 9.30am-4.30pm on 17 November will be held in the meeting room of the Development and Alumni Engagement Division Sraffa 15, Milan.

The workshop is free to EUPRIO members and a light lunch will be provided.

Travel and accommodation costs are the responsibility of participants and the deadline for registration is 13 November.

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