EUPRIO is launching an inspiring, new initiative to support innovative projects in university communications: the EUPRIO Mobility Programme (EMP).

It will give EUPRIO members the chance to network and work together on specific projects that could benefit the community of university communicators across Europe.

It is completely different in content and rules from the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility scheme.

EUPRIO will support concrete, tangible projects involving 2-5 EUPRIO members (including the project leader) each from different country.  The aim is to work together and produce results, by sharing best practices in the field of university communication at national and international level.

The EMP is not designed to finance mobility of individuals wishing to attend language courses, conferences or to visit a university in another country. The EMP will support EUPRIO members who will go through selection and approval process directly on the EUPRIO Executive Board level.   Coordination of EMP entries with the universities involved will be appreciated.

What is EMP?

It is a programme for developing innovative projects and solving real issues in the field of university communication to benefit EUPRIO members.

Who promotes and supports EMP?

EUPRIO promotes and provides funding for EMP.  EUPRIO Executive Board (EB) is in charge of managing the complete selection process and evaluation procedure.  Team leaders are responsible for submitting complete proposals and final project reports.

What are the main goals of EMP?

  • - Supporting solutions to real problems and issues encountered by EUPRIO members
  • - Developing case-studies as member-only resource
  • - Strengthening networking ties and sharing know-how among EUPRIO members
  • - Fostering international cooperation in the field of university communication
  • - Providing the opportunity for members to work on a specific project together with other colleagues, representing various cultures, work habits and expertise
  • - Producing best practices and/or innovative solutions to the daily issues of university communication department to be shared within the EUPRIO community

Who can participate in the EMP?

All EUPRIO members who have paid their membership fees for the last 3 consecutive or more years will be eligible to submit their entries. Each project is open to teams of 2-5 people, including the Project (Team) Leader.

How long can people stay abroad with EMP support?

EMP finance mobility lasting up to one week. One week in addition is negotiable in exceptional cases, upon individual review.

How much of the financial support by EMP can one expect?

The financial support by EMP consists in a reimbursement of individual expenses, including:
     - travel costs up to a maximum of 250 € per person per project
     - accommodation and living costs: a lump sum payment of 500 € per person per week per   project.
The reimbursement will be made after the closure of the projects and delivery of the final reports to the EUPRIO Executive Board (EB).

How does EMP works?

Step 1:
The EUPRIO member interested in developing a new project submits his/her proposal (Call for ideas and issues to solve – Entry form) to the EUPRIO Executive Board (EB). It needs to be declared how many other EUPRIO members (1 to 4 people) would have to be involved.

Step 2: EUPRIO publishes all approved Entry Forms and launches the ‘Call for partners’ on intranet. EUPRIO members interested in a particular Call for Ideas (Entry Form) submit their Partner forms.

Step 3: The EUPRIO Executive Board (EB) – in coordination with the Project (Team) Leaders – selects and approves the entries and sends letters of confirmation to the chosen members of each approved team.

Step 4: Each team executes their project and sends the final report (Final report form) to the EUPRIO Executive Board (EB) by the designated deadline.

Step 5: The EUPRIO Executive Board (EB) – supported when necessary by invited experts - evaluates the submitted Final reports and the projects and approves reimbursements for participants of each previously selected team.

The final project reports will be published on the EUPRIO intranet and for may be entered into the EUPRIO Awards. Team (Project) Leaders will be offered in addition an opportunity to conduct a workshop (panel) during the next Annual EUPRIO Conference.


Step 1 - Call for idea and issue to resolve submission: 06 October 2017  > See the approved proposals
Step 2 - Partner submission: 06 November 2017
Step 3 - Publication of the selected project and partners: 27 November 2017 > See the selected project and partners
Step 4 - Submission of the final reports: 19 March 2018
Step 5 - Publication of the final evaluation: 30 April 2018 > See the Final Report of the approved project

FORMS available (downloads)

  1. EMP 2017-Call for Ideas and Issues_FORM DEF
  2. EMP 2017-Partner Form DEF
  3. EMP 2017-Final Report DEF

Published on EUPRIO intranet by the Executive Board of EUPRIO on September 12, 2017
Last update on June 23, 2018