EUPRIO is the association of European Universities Public Relations and Information Officers, now renamed as European Association of Communication Professionals in Higher Education.  It was established in Brussels on May 12, 1986 with the support of officials from the European Community (now European Union). The Founders’ Committee announced its constitution to the public at a press conference of the Education Ministers of the Community in The Hague (the Netherlands) on May 16, 1986. 


Over 360 had a buzzing time networking at EUPRIO’s Sevilla’s conference on June 3-6, 2018


During the first twenty-two-year history of the EU, the European Ministers of Education, starting from the Convention signed in Lisbon in 1997 and especially in the Declaration signed in Bologna in 1999, have affirmed that higher education is a public good and a public responsibility essential for the present and future prosperity of Europe.

In this context, communication, in the broadest sense, first of all has the task of supporting the successful development of the higher education system. Then, it has the task of helping to make its performances accessible and sustainable for society, contributing to Europe as a competitive and dynamic knowledge-driven economy in global perspective. Above all, EUPRIO shares this vision.

In 2009 the General Assembly voted for a new Charter and formally re-established the association. Now EUPRIO is a non-profit association registered under Belgian law and has its headquarter c/o the Universiteit Antwerpen in Belgium.

Edoardo Teodoro Brioschi

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The dawn of Euprio. Looking back to the foundation thirty years ago
by Edoardo Teodoro Brioschi, Co-founder of EUPRIO – Antwerp Conference, 3 September 2016.



The aims of the Association are to:

  • promote exchange of ideas, techniques and experiences amongst its members, both within the whole communication field and particularly from the institutions of higher education’s perspective
  • encourage and promote collaboration and partnership between European institutions of higher education and research in the field of communications
  • create a network to assist members in their tasks as professional communicators within their institutions
  • promote the professional excellence of all members in their work
  • professionalise higher education information, public relations, marketing, and other forms of corporate communications by sharing ‘best practice’ and holding conferences, workshops and the like
  • represent European higher education communication in other organisations
  • represent the interests of higher education communication in national and international policy making
  • encourage and enhance cooperation between European members and professionals in and outside Europe

EUPRIO has National Representatives in 17 European Countries, and members and supporters in more than 21 Countries. The annual conference is the most important meeting point for an EUPRIO member, to increase knowledge, exchange experience and meet colleagues from other countries.