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Denis communicates the value of EUPRIO at German conference

EUPRIO’s President Denis Ancion, pictured, was a guest at the three-day annual conference of communicators from German universities, held in Hannover, from 11-13 September 2013.

Denis was invited to give a workshop on impulses, strategies and visions for communication and marketing experts in the rapidly changing world of European higher education.

A key theme was that EUPRIO is becoming more effective by building up from its grassroots at a national level – and moving from being a largely once-a-year major annual international conference into a visible-the-whole-year European network of communication professionals.

“The whole environment for communication professionals has dramatically changed and this change will continue. One can follow a strategy of finding the best answers to all the questions raised by oneself, but I am convinced that cooperation, exchange of ideas and helping each other to cope with all kinds of challenges is the only way to go,” said Denis.

“Together we can build up the necessary knowledge. But we need to start with discussions on themes and subjects on a national level, where the context is similar for all participants.

“If you start at the international level without having created the knowledge basis on national level, it will be almost impossible to make use of solutions chosen in other countries. And other solutions will be presented, not only because of a different context, but also because we have in Europe the richness of strongly differentiated cultural backgrounds.

“EUPRIO believes in connecting discussions on national and international levels, and by doing so enlarge the added value of the exchange of ideas among EUPRIO members with our members helping each other”, Denis explained.

This was the first time a EUPRIO workshop had been offered in the official programme of the German communicators’ annual conference.

“We wanted to promote EUPRIO within our national association and show that EUPRIO is a platform of professionals in higher education communication to exchange ideas on European level”, explained Maiken Ilke Groß and Kerstin Lauer, national representatives for the German universities on the EUPRIO Steering Committee.

“We wanted to show that EUPRIO is more than just a once-a-year event and because the workshop was so successful we are going to continue with this idea at next year’s national members’ meeting, when we meet again in Konstanz, from 24-26 September, 2014.”

+ At the national meeting of German EUPRIO members, Maiken-Ilke Groß and Kerstin Lauer were re-elected as national representatives on the EUPRIO Steering Committee until 2015.

Report from Kerstin Lauer, edited by EuprioNic