Small city tours


The Local Committee with the Zurich Tourism Office offer you four different options for visiting the city from different points of view:

Option 1: Zurich Old Town Walking Tour

The most popular tour through Zurich's historic old town offers fascinating insights into the city's colorful history. On a two-hour walk through the old town, we go searching for clues to the city's past in its hidden alleyways and picturesque squares. Together, we uncover the secrets of Bahnhofstrasse, find out what a "procession axis" is, and visit a church with a minute-hand that jumps a record-breaking half meter every minute.

Option 2: Reformation in Zurich Tour

Zurich didn't have a Luther – we had a Zwingli! This historical tour provides you with comprehensive information and insights about how the Reformation came about in Zurich. We stroll past the majestic facades of the most important churches in downtown Zurich, visit commemorative plaques and monuments, and discuss the key stages in the work of reformer Ulrich Zwingli.

Option 3: Water in Zurich Tour

Zurich's cityscape is adorned with over 1,200 public fountains – with fresh, crystal clear drinking water that everyone can enjoy for free. On this tour, you will learn the importance of the Sodbrunnen and Zisternenbrunnen fountains that date back to the Middle Ages and visit a selection of heavily symbolic fountains such as the Hercules Fountain and the Lindenhof Fountain, dedicated to the brave women of Zurich.

Option 4: Zurich’s Powerful Women Tour

Is it possible to drive away an army without spilling a drop of blood? That's exactly what the valiant women of Zurich did. Despite considerable resistance, they helped shape the development of Zurich over the centuries – in the areas of science, culture and literature, as pioneers, politicians and advocates, or as powerful women by the sides of many a successful Zurich man.

Date: Sunday August 28, 2022 from 16:00 to 17:30
Meeting point: ETH Polyterrasse at 15:45

No registration is requested