Annette Lind speaker at the Euprio Zurich Conference 2022
Head of recruitment and branding
Aalborg University

I have been working within the field of student recruitment and university branding since 2003. Often with a special emphasis on event planning and campaigns on a national and international level. Through the years Aalborg University has worked extensively on bettering the student intake through a systematic focus on student communication and approachability. Moreover I have taken part in national and international initiatives within the area of student recruitment.

Attracting students in a competitive environment

Sharing best practices on how to attract potential male and female students within the field of STEM* educational programmes.

Potential students of today are faced with a tsunami of communication from universities and from other brands vying for their attention. How do you make yourself heard?

This workshop will showcase some of our newest student recruitment and PR-activities including e.g., camps, online campaigning, influencer marketing, the use of students and employers as ambassadors and “behind the scenes”-marketing.

During the workshop, a special emphasis will also be on attracting female students. In Denmark, and other countries, women remain underrepresented across STEM educational programs with the lowest representation in the fields of engineering and computer science.

Modern technology continues to transform the way we live and work and society needs to increase the number of women in STEM. If we fail, the perspectives of women - thus half the world’s population – will be lacking in current and future technologies.

What are the barriers, challenges, and possibilities when trying to attract female students?

How do you address a diversified female target group?

What are the do’s and don’ts?

The workshop will focus on best practice, knowledge exchange and provide you with adaptable ideas to bring home.

Co-speaker: Lotte Finck