the queen of 2018!

The famous guide Lonely Planet has chosen Seville as the best city in the world to visit in 2018, in particularly, considering the transformation of the city in the last ten years. Some cities blast you away, others slowly conquer you slowly. Seville disarms and seduces you.

The Metropol Parasol, symbol of Sevilla

Sevilla, The Cathedral



Its historic center, dominated by a colossal Gothic cathedral, is an intoxicating mix of beautiful Mudéjar palaces, baroque churches and winding medieval streets. Flamenco clubs keep the intimacy and intensity of this centuries-old tradition alive whilst aristocratic mansions recall the city’s past as a showcase Moorish capital and, later, a 16th-century metropolis rich for the results of New World trade.

Sevilla, Plaza de España


Seville has been Arab, Jewish and Roman, and its river Guadalquivir – the ancient Betis, which flows between the foothills of the Sierra Morena to the north and the Sierra Sur mountains in the south, irrigating a rich and fertile valley – and its river port have served as a privileged destination for trade with the West Indies. In the 16th century, Seville experienced its period of maximum splendour. The port of Seville received goods from all over Europe, as well as precious metals from the New World, which contributed to the development of western Europe. 

Now, Seville is the capital of the province and the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. It is the fourth city of Spain in number of inhabitants, surpassing 705,000. It has the largest old town in the country and one of the three largest in Europe, and has a great historical and cultural heritage. 

Sevilla, The Giralda



Among its most representative monuments are the Giralda, emblem of the city, and the Cathedral; the Reales Alcázares and the Archivo de Indias; declared World Heritage by UNESCO; as well as the Torre del Oro, the Triana Bridge, the Plaza de España, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Metropol Parasol, among many other buildings and historic spaces. 




The capital of Seville is bright, warm and vital. The visitors share the moments of leisure with the Sevillians, since life is always done outdoors, for good weather and, above all, for the extroverted and cheerful nature of the citizens. Good proof of this is that Seville (its universities) is one of the first three destinations chosen by Erasmus students from all over Europe.

Sevilla, Torre del Oro