Sevilla, UNIA Rectorate

The International University of Andalucía (UNIA) is a public university that offers postgraduate education and specialized training in its four campuses: Baeza (Jaén), La Rábida (Huelva), Málaga and Sevilla, and through the virtual campus. The UNIA complements the Andalusian University System, made up of ten public universities.

The UNIA is a public institution created by Law of de Autonomous Community of Andalusia in 1994, which was born with the aim of contributing to the creation, development, transmission and criticism of science, technology and culture through teaching, coordinated research and exchange of scientific and technological information of interest at international and interregional level. In this university, official and own graduate programmes are taught: university master’s degrees and university expert courses; refresher courses and improvement; summer courses, and scientific and cultural activities; that allow a better and more complete hight education.

The UNIA has become the first public academic institution in Spain that has achieved the seal of quality of academic management EFQM 400+.



THE UniversiTY of La Rioja

Universidad de La Rioja, Campus

The University of La Rioja, with over 6,000 undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students, offers studies in all fields of expertise. It is a Campus of International Excellence that has signed academic and scientific collaboration agreements with over 200 campuses in the five continents.

La Rioja is one the most developed regions in Spain. It is renowned worldwide for the quality of its wines and for being the «the cradle of the Spanish language». The Research Institute of Vine and Wine related Science (ICVV) was created by the Advisory Board for Scientific Research (CSIC), the Autonomous Government of La Rioja and the University of La Rioja with the aim of making it a reference centre for researching a produce wine which has given La Rioja its prestige and worldwide popularity. The 600 or so wineries in Rioja produce 250 million litres of wine annually, characterised by its freshness, its aroma, its balanced composition and its bouquet. The San Millán Yuso and Suso Monasteries located in La Rioja are considered «the cradle of the Spanish language» and were declared a World Heritage site in 1996.

The University of La Rioja, since its creation, has taken charge of the scriptorium in San Millán de la Cogolla, where the first forms of the Spanish language were written. A research team from the University of La Rioja discovered the first testimonies of the Spanish language in a codex dating from the 10th century in the Monastery of San Millán.



Universidad de Alicante

The University of Alicante (UA) is a public university located on the Mediterranean coast. Because of our historical influences, excellent location and magnificent connections, we are a diverse-oriented and welcoming university with one of the best campuses in Spain, not only in terms of infrastructure, but also in terms of landscaping, sustainability and gender equality. Although relatively young, we have a strong scientific and academic credibility which has allowed us to adapt to social changes and to the needs of our environment and lead a change of economic model based on research, innovation, entrepreneurship and actual transfer of knowledge. 

We are a multidisciplinary university with study programmes in all fields of knowledge organised in six faculties and a polytechnic school. We posses powerful and varied cultural and sports proposals.

The university community is made up of about 3,800 academic and administrative staff members and over 32,000 students enrolled in official degrees. UA is a bilingual university with a clear international vocation for which we are firmly committed to multilingualism. That is why we have introduced English as a teaching language in some of our official degrees. The UA welcomes around 1,200 foreign students each year.