The digital transformation: a challenge for communications in Higher Education

Sevilla – June 3-6, 2018


The Sevilla Conference has a focus on digital transformation and its impact on the Communications Departments of universities. This comprehensive approach is broken down into four main themes:

  • The electronic internal communications portfolio
  • New opportunities in the relationship between the Communications Department and the IT Department
  • A “Mobile first” approach
  • Digital evolution in HE outputs such as University digital libraries and virtual campuses


The sessions at the conference will explore key questions, such as:

  • What methodologies can be adopted from IT to enhance communicationS?
  • How can big data be used for effective communication?
  • What do we know about bots: can they be used other than for malicious purposes?
  • Can empathy and imperfection help to achieve internal communications goals?
  • Which messaging apps are the most effective in the field of micromarketing for a university?
  • What are the newest ways of customising social media channels and content?
  • How to tell a science story using new multimedia tools
  • How to effectively manage university data to face future challenges

A strong line-up of speakers from across Europe will be getting to grips with these questions, and more, and will focus on why digital transformation is essential for Higher Education institutions.


The EUPRIO conference in Sevilla will begin with a keynote talk by Gerry McGovern, who has spent twenty years understanding and formalizing the components of a successful digital culture. His Top Tasks methods have been used by organizations such as Google, Dropbox, Toyota, GOV.UK, Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco and he has worked as a consultant in 35 countries.

Student Experience: putting students first is the cleverest digital strategy of all

In the last five years, customer experience has become a top management priority. Why? Because customers have become much more powerful, connected, skeptical, and impatient (think mobile).

If you’re a university competing for the best and brightest, then Student Experience will be a key differentiator for you. Student Experience is about making life easier and simpler for students. It’s about giving them facts and being transparent—helping them to complete their top tasks. And it’s about focusing on the current student experience just as much as the potential student experience. Why? Because in an age of fake news and general distrust, students and customers are increasingly looking to the experience of the current customer / student in order to help them make decisions.