The euprio conference
SEVILLa (SPAIN) – June 3-6, 2018

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Sevilla, Universidad Internacional de Andalucia – Main Entrance


Download the Sevilla conference presentation (32MB) 

The digital revolution. A challenge for Communication in the University

As recent technology developments are poised to impact teaching, learning and research in higher education, Communication departments are facing critical challenges. What are these critical challenges and how can we strategize solutions?

Topics like Big Data, Business Intelligence or CRM call for the Communications Department and the IT Department to create a common ground for effective relationship management and engagement with the constituents of universities.  And, probably, will make necessary efforts in both Communication and Digital literacy.

Listen for faculty, staff or students who are online discussing an immeasurable amount of topics should be part of the strategy. Those conversations that cover any number of topics, from the quality of your campus wifi, to course registration issues, and what’s for lunch in the dining hall shouldn’t been miss out. Should be part of an internal communications portfolio that includes digital conversation in social networks, blogs, etc.

In this conversation we can find difficulties to deliver messages to students, connected all day long, but no through email. Fortunately, they have smartphones. It’s time to stop the desktop thinking and integrate the mobile in a communication strategy that includes digital libraries and online courses.

The Seville Conference is built around the digital revolution and its impact in the Communication departments of universities.

This comprehensive approach is broken down into four main themes:

  1. The electronic internal communications portfolio
  2. The new relationship between the Communications Department and the IT Department
  3. “Mobile first” approach
  4. University digital libraries, virtual campuses and communication

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