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Christine ends EUPRIO presidency on a high note

After four years at the helm of EUPRIO, Christine Legrand handed over the presidency of our association to Jan Dries at the 2018 General Assembly during our 30thanniversary conference in Sevilla.


Christine, Director of Communications and Industrial Relations at CPE Lyon in France, said she was proud of the achievements while leading the organisation and highlighted the new corporate identity and improved communications with members with the newsletter and conference Facebook group, alongside new initiatives such as the Mobility Programme and the specialist workshops in Milan and Zagreb.

Over 360 participants had a buzzing good time networking at EUPRIO’s Sevilla’s conference

“Our recent conference in Sevilla in southern Spain was one of the best attended, with over 360 participants from 21 countries in Europe plus representatives from Lebanon, South Africa and Nouvelle-Calédonie in the Pacific.

Atmosphere buzzing

“The atmosphere was buzzing and the conference really demonstrated the power of networking,” said Christine.

“Of course, I am a little bit nostalgic after four years and I’d like to pay particular thanks to my executive board colleagues – Paola Scioli, Marcin Witkowski, Uwe Steger and Jan Dries – for their support during my presidency.

“I’d also like to thank the Sevilla conference taskforce, especially our Spanish colleagues José Javier Tejada, Virginia Aceituno and Immaculada Trenado, Nic Mitchell for his blogs and stories, and, of course, Paola Scioli who took good care of the arrangements to make the conference possible.

Professional network of friends

“Once again, we demonstrated that EUPRIO is a professional network of friends who are happy to meet, to share, to learn from each other and to exchange ideas with people across borders and boundaries.”

Christine said she was sure Jan will be a great successor and gave her full approval to his slogan “Engage! “He will take care of EUPRIO and our members.”

In return, Jan thanked Christine for laying the strong foundations needed to take EUPRIO to the next level and presented her with a Jadise handcrafted leather hand bag, combining a Sicilian heart with an international outlook as a token of appreciation for leading the association to new heights. (Look out for our interview with the new President to find out how Jan plans to take the association forward). 

Growing to 700 members

At the General Assembly it was reported that EUPRIO had grown from 642 members in 2017 to 700 this year, with Sweden and Switzerland having the largest number of members followed by the Netherlands, Austria and Germany.

As for conference participants at the Sevilla conference on the digital transformation of Higher Education communications, Sweden had the most with 36 delegates. Belgium and Germany had the next biggest delegations, both having 32 representatives, while the Czech Republic had 31 participants.

Honorary fellowships

During the General Assembly two new EUPRIO honorary fellowships were announced – Chris Coe from the United Kingdom and Josef Koenig from Germany, who join Edoardo Teodoro Brioschi from Italy, Nic Mitchell from the UK and Ulrike Reimann from Germany, who were evaluated to honorary membership at last year’s annual conference in Mannheim. The fellowships are a new feature for EUPRIO and are a token of appreciation for members who have helped to develop and strengthen the association over their many years working in university communications, explained Christine Legrand.