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Call for ideas for third EUPRIO Mobility Programme

EUPRIO members are invited to submit their ideas for the third round of our mobility programme by October 15, 2019.

The programme encourages cross-border cooperation between the association’s members and offers a modest level of funding to enable face-to-face collaboration in developing new solutions to real problems and issues faced by those working in the field of communications, writes Nic Mitchell

EMP advocates meeting at Aarhus University, Denmark in February

Issues tackled in the first two years of the EUPRIO Mobility Programme, or EMP, range from turning university staff into social advocates to improving collaboration between international and communication teams.

Opportunity to work together

EUPRIO Development Manager Paola Scioli said: “We can give our members the unique opportunity to work together with colleagues from three or four different countries on a specific communication project. By looking at issues from various cultural angles and ways of working, the EMP aims to provide best practice guidelines and innovative solutions which can be shared within the EUPRIO community.”

Travel costs up to 250 € per member are available, together with a contribution towards accommodation and living costs of 500 € per person per week for each project approved by EUPRIO’s Executive Committee.

Euprio Development Manager Paola Claudia Scioli

Paola said all the details about how the mobility programme works are on the EUPRIO website and a form for submitting ideas is on the MyEUPRIO site.

Ideas by October 15

“Ideally, we need details of the ideas and issues to be solved by October 15 and the completed form by the end of October.

“We will then publish all approved projects and issue a ‘Call for partners’ interested in heling to tackle a particular issue, but it is always a good idea to have universities or at least countries you would like to work with when making a submission.”

Successful projects will be offered the opportunity to present their findings in a workshop during the next EUPRIO annual conference.

More details can be found here or contact for anything specific.

  • Also see the video interview with Philip Graham from Edinburgh University on the first EMP looking at communicating with international students and the two case studies on our news blogs for examples of what EMPs can achieve.

+ Main photograph shows the participants in the EUPRIO Mobility Programme into turning university staff into social advocates led by Caroline Roulaux from Maastricht University