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Branding was the focus for Italian communicators

Two EUPRIO presidents, one from the present and the other from the not so distant past, attended the annual meeting of the Italian association of higher education communication professionals, AICUN, in Rome.

Forum Aicun 2016 -pieghevoleCurrent president Christine Legrand, from CPE Lyon in France, took part in a round table discussion on university branding with Paolo Pomati, from Università del Piemonte Orientale in Italy, who was out president from 2008-12. Also taking part in the round table were Isabella Ceccarini from Universitas, a magazine focused on the university world, and Eufemia Cipriano from Sapienza Università di Roma.

The AICUN meeting attracted 50 representatives from Italian universities, most directors of communications at their institutions.

Branding is key issue for Italian universities

EUPRIO’s Italian Steering Committee member Paola Claudia Scioli said: “We decided to dedicate this year’s AICUN meeting to university branding – the theme for EUPRIO’s annual conference in Antwerp from September 1-3, 2016.

AICUN award winners and judges in Rome

AICUN award winners and judges in Rome, with EUPRIO President, Christine Legrand (3rd from left).

“We wanted to get the views and understanding of our Italian colleagues.

“Branding is a very important subject at the moment for Italian universities because of the high level of organisational changes taking place. There is a lot of repositioning to try to attract more students and money.”

Managing social media 

Paola said there was also an interesting workshop on social media, with speakers looking at how to select the right channels to use to reach different targets and the importance of having a social media strategy.

“Managing these channels properly was stressed, as was the need for proper monitoring.

“We realised that some of our colleagues don’t use regularly Google analytics or other programmes to check on the efficiency of their actions on the web. So, we’ve decided to have another workshop looking at improving this.”

The meeting also elected the new AICUN Steering Committee for 2016-18, with Andrea Paolo Ciani confirmed president, Paola Claudia Scioli, vice-president, and Chiara Petrolini, secretary. Other members of the new Steering Committee are Enrico Rossi, Andrea Magi, Vittorio Bisceglie, Paola Fusi, with Edoardo Brioschi as honorary president.


Judges Andrea Costa, Brunella Marchione and Edoardo Brioschi with AICUN award winner, Giorgia Molinari from University of Massari.

Judges Andrea Costa, Brunella Marchione and Edoardo Brioschi with AICUN award winner, Giulia Satta from Università di Sassari.



* Aicun also promotes two awards: one for the best university communication campaign, won by Mirella Cerato, head of communication department of Università di Bologna, and her team; and another for the best final degree work on university communication, which was won by Giulia Satta of Università di Sassari (first degree) and by Marco Medda of Università di Sassari and Giorgia Molinari of Università di Verona (master’s degree ex-equo).

Story by Nic Mitchell

Pictures from AICUN, via Paola Claudia Scioli